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A composition in completely new tones.

The sustainability

Upcycling for new purchase

Your old mattress becomes a new product

When you buy a WELTBETT® mattress again at the end of the life cycle of your current WELTBETT® mattress, we will pick up the old WELTBETT® mattress upon delivery of the new one at no additional cost to you. We crush the old core with a flake mill, the flakes are steam-sterilized - and will be used as a new product for many more years of a new life. The WELTBETT® mattress thus leaves the smallest possible ecological footprint. Although we do not expect the first returns until 2024, we have already developed the corresponding products and processes today. Already from spring 2021, you can help to improve the ecological footprint by purchasing such a product made of recycled mattress cores.

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Easy to recycle.

The cover & packaging are designed to be easily disassembled into their components.

It is important to us that a product can be disassembled into its components very easily, so that they can be disposed of or recycled easily.

With two zippers the cover can be divided again. Your advantage: Easy product care.

Our packaging is made of cardboard with a high recycled content, manufactured without colored lacquers, and wood from "well managed forests" of the Forest Stewardship Society FSC. We also try to avoid the plastic foil inside without losing its moisture protection. We don't have a solution yet, but we are on it.

More about the cover
Tested for harmful substances

100% human-ecologically harmless.

This is certified with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Appendix 4. Unlike other manufacturers, we at WELTBETT® make sure that we have Oeko-Tex® certification not only for the cover including all individual parts, but also for the foam and all fillings.

The Hohenstein Institute has certified our fabrics as "skin and allergy friendly". Since September 2019, Institut Hohenstein has no longer awarded this label, but we continue to adhere to the underlying standards.

This means that there are no human ecologically questionable substances emitted. Even without laundry directly after purchase, you can lie down on our products immediately after delivery and go to sleep.

Tested for harmful substances. No substances of human-ecological concern in our fabrics and covers.

Tested for harmful substances. No substances of human-ecological concern in our mattress cores.

SXX 22732 Testex
Tested for harmful substances. No substances of human-ecological concern in our pillows and blankets.

Allergy friendly, also suitable for house dust and mite allergy sufferers

Hygiene according to EN 12935, for clean products

Animal welfare, no live plucking, no stuffing fattening

Business Social Compliance Enviromental Performance Initative / SA8000


WELTBETT is also consistently sustainable as a company.

WELTBETT® has formulated the most demanding goals in all areas of the company and systematically implements them. Not just yesterday, but through continuous, decades-long work, in our parent company and supply chain, spanning from the sources of our raw materials to the climate-neutral delivery of our products.

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A few highlights

Sustainability is the soul of Weltbett

  • Ökotest winner 2006 and still the only down duvet EVER to be rated "very good".
  • Oeko-Tex® Class 100 Appendix 4 on casings, fillings and mattress cores.
  • Oeko-Tex® Class 100 Appendix 6 on feathers and down, as well as casings for pillows and blankets according to the Wet Spot Regulation in accordance with limit values of the Greenpeace DETOX campaign.
  • Only biodegradable detergents. Waste water recycling of over two thirds of our industrial water. Over 98% of our pillows, blankets and toppers completely biodegradable.
  • European hygiene standards awarded with Downafresh.
  • First participant in our industry in the now widespread determination of a chemical footprint. We still have the industry's best ever score on the chemistry footprint.
  • Member of amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) as well as amfori Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI)
  • "Skin and allergy friendly" certified by Institut Hohenstein.
  • NOMITE label for allergy-friendly products for house dust allergy sufferers.
  • Initiative to convert our packaging to completely biodegradable materials.
  • Audit of our operations according to STeP.
  • Own block-type thermal power station on efficient gas basis for heat generation.
  • Pressure exhaust air recovery and electricity generation in manufacturing.
  • 100% of the heating and domestic hot water generation of our group's joint venture operation in China is solar.
  • 100% of our electricity from renewable energy.
  • Conversion of the entire fleet of forklift trucks to emission-free, electric drives. The conversion of other company vehicles has been started.
  • Energy-saving light sources according to the European Green Lighting Initiative - in offices and manufacturing.
  • Increasing the share of our organic and GOTS and Fairtrade certified products.
  • Animal welfare according to the latest, Downpass 2017 with the most demanding modules, as well as Responsible Down Standard RDS.


If you also do your part, then Weltbett is the healthiest and most sustainable bed you have: THE MATTRESS by WELTBETT® is suitable for use with all commercially available beds and their slatted bases; whether rigid/unadjustable, manual and motorised adjustable, box spring, slatted base, modular, rigid platform, or even directly on the floor. Please note that restricted air circulation can lead to mould in extreme cases. Especially when THE MATTRESS lies directly on the floor, air circulation is restricted. Therefore, please air the mattress especially well, set it up regularly and ensure a dry sleeping climate!, for your health and the best sleep in the world.