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The latest
in ergonomics research.

The construction

Head zone

THE MATTRESS features a stable head zone. The resulting, calming position of the head has a stabilizing effect on the neck zone below.

Due to the unique cutting pattern, you lie perfectly, even if you are not lying exactly in the middle of the mattress, move while sleeping, or change your sleeping position. WELTBETT® has registered this unique sleep technology with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Shoulder and neck zone

Neck and shoulder are the center of mass of the upper half of the body. This is where the "vertebrae prominens" are located, i.e. the VP vertebrae, which are the most important strands of the parasympathetic nervous system that is important for sleep. This zone of all WELTBETT® mattresses is characterized by multiple adjacent cuts, which allow your body to sink into the mattress in this particularly sensitive area. You fall asleep gently, you can relax, and you wake up better rested.

Lordosis zone

The lordosis is a critical zone. You may know this from long car, bus or plane rides. This region hosts the contact points of the "Posterior Superior Iliac Spine", being the equivalent of the VP vertebrae in the lower back, where the most important strands of the parasympathetic nervous system converge. This region is important for your sleep. In contrast to the relatively large-volume shoulder area however, the lordosis does not have to sink in, but is brought to rest most quickly by a relatively large and even support. Our aim was to design the mattress to avoid lumbago - i.e. sudden, severe and persistent pain in the lumbar spine.

Hip zone

The pelvis is the center of the body and therefore sinks overproportionately anyway. For a straight and relaxed spinal column, an evenly high level of support is therefore required. THE MATTRESS from WELTBETT® has carefully positioned and scientifically dimensioned cuts, so that they ideally support your body in this particularly sensitive zone.

Two degrees of firmness

2 degrees of firmness, 1 mattress

The mattress is supplied with two different degrees of resistance.

By simply turning the mattress you can adjust the firmness of the mattress to your needs.


Corresponds to the softer degree of firmness and is ideal for all those who like to sink deeper into a mattress.


For all those who like to sleep a little firmer. The H4 still adapts ergonomically to your body.

Sleep technology
of tomorrow

Perfectly tailored to your body

We developed the balanced accentuation of our WELTBETT® ergonomic profile in close cooperation with chiropractors, spinal surgeons and orthopaedists and had it protected by the German patent office.

10 years guaranteed form stability.

WELTBETT® hybrid foam offers excellent support and resilience due to its adaptability. This ensures a uniformly stable lying feeling across the entire mattress. We therefore give a 10-year guarantee on the mattress core.

A healthy sleeping climate.

The cover has an open-pored, highly breathable surface made of "3D mesh". This creates optimal air circulation, which can quickly compensate for excess heat & moisture.

No cradle thanks to hybrid foam.

WELTBETT® hybrid foam offers excellent support and springback due to its adaptability. This ensures a uniformly stable lying sensation across the entire mattress.