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Suitable for every body type

The body types

Suitable for everyone

THE MATTRESS by WELTBETT® is one of the few mattresses that supports the four most common body types very well. In particular, the mattress achieves an excellent ergonomic score (2.2, close to the theoretical optimum of 2.0 awarded by Ergo Support) in tests conducted by the Ergo Support test institute, and this over its entire service life thanks to its very good durability (score 1.3). Your body is always optimally supported; our ergonomic profile is protected by the German Patent Office. The suspension works on both sides of the mattress, no matter what degree of firmness you choose, no matter which position you sleep in. Our mattress core has a 10-year guarantee and is back in full shape within 48 hours after unpacking. THE MATTRESS by WELTBETT® does not need to be flipped or turned, unlike the mattresses of many other manufacturers, whose foam is more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Type A

Small and light - hips wider than the shoulders.

The body type "Pear" is one of the most widespread body types. Due to low body weight in the whole body, this body type is not likely to suffer of wear and tear. The hip area alone is more strongly emphasized and thus sinks relatively strongly. The body type "pear" finds a good base in the WELTBETT® MATTRESS, which supports exactly the sensitive hip area well. The hips are therefore supported in just right and gentle way, which prevents the spine from buckling in the lordosis area, i.e. your lower back. Long-term damage is avoided. In the mornings you wake up relaxed and pain-free.

Type B

Large and heavy - shoulders and hips similarly wide and heavy.

This body type with the melodious name "Athlete" can be understood as a large version of the "Feather" body type. Just like the "Feather " body type, the systematically engineered WELTBETT® ergonomic profile optimally takes up the contours of the body and provides the right amount of support in the right places. Good sleep is guaranteed for the "Athlete".

Type C

Small and light - shoulders and hips similarly wide and heavy.

The body type "Feather" often has ideal health conditions for good sleep: due to low body weight, you do not suffer from wear and tear. This body type is perfectly supported by the WELTBETT® MATTRESS, which adjusts to the body contour, supports it gently in the right places and thus ensures good sleep.

Type D

Tall and heavy - a lot of weight on belly and shoulders.

The body type "Hulk" is the second most common body type, tendency increasing. The "Hulk" carries a lot of weight, and tendons, joints, the musculoskeletal system and all organs are subjected to above-average strain over decades. Uninterrupted sleep is all the more important for the Hulk. This is achieved with the WELTBETT® ergonomic profile, which allows it to sink in at the shoulder and hips - but only to exactly the right extent.