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Individual adaptation

Two degrees of firmness

You decide which firmness you prefer

The mattress is delivered with two degrees of firmness, you can choose between them.
Simply turn the mattress over and test the second degree of firmness.


For those who like to sink a little deeper into THE MATTRESS.


For those who like to sleep a little firmer, H4 is optimal and still adapts ergonomically to the body.

Technical background

Compression test

We use our hybrid foam developed and produced in Germany in two different compression firmnesses. Compression hardnesses are expressed in kPa. The force required to compress the foam to 40% of its original height is measured according to ISO 3386/1. The firm side with 49kPa is significantly more firm than the medium firm side with 29kPA. The accentuation of the WELTBETT® ergonomic profile, on the other hand, is the finishing touch: Multiple incisions in a scientifically developed frequency patterm imply less material on the same surface and a proportional reduction in compression firmness. The intelligent combination of both effects gives THE MATTRESS its perfect accentuation and its unique ergonomic profile. The degrees of firmness are marked according to DIN EN 1957.

The density of our hybrid foam is measured according to ISO 845 - min. 35kg per cubic meter.