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The latest state of

The ergonomics

Smooth accentuation instead of production-related zoning.

The intelligent WELTBETT ergonomics profile

The balanced accentuation of our WELTBETT® ergonomic profile was developed in close cooperation with chiropractors, spinal surgeons and orthopedic surgeons. It is protected by the German Patent Office. The profile enables a gentler and, above all, more targeted, sinking behavior of individual parts of the body. We have divided THE MATTRESS OF WELTBETT® into zones for head, shoulder, neck, lordosis and hips. The ergonomic profile is mirrored around the hips: No matter in which direction you lie on the mattress, you always lie ergonomically well. This is made possible by the pressure-dependent sinking behavior of our hybrid foam. The strands of the parasympathetic nervous system are particularly concentrated in the shoulder and neck area, as well as in lordosis. If these areas are well supported, your sleep quality will improve.

The result:

Faster falling asleep and a more restful sleep through the night.

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Please consider:

The conventional 7-zone design is an already outdated comfort concept in ergonomics research

In conventional 7-zone mattresses, soft and hard zones alternate to support the body. This production-related construction leads to a too strong sinking of the already heavy pelvic area. In the long run, this can result in pain in the lower back and possibly even irreparable damage to the musculoskeletal system of the back.

Sleep types

Our special foam cut pattern ensures optimal support for your back.

Our hybrid foam core has a special feature that is especially appreciated by side sleepers. The ergonomic profile, which is protected by the German Patent Office, ensures optimal back support for the four most common body types. Even children who have not yet grown into the standardized 7 zones of conventional mattresses benefit from our intelligent ergonomics profile.

Body types

Thanks to our hybrid foam, all body types experience optimal sleep.

Our mattress has been optimized for the four most common body types according to the Mattress Test Institute Ergo Support:

A-types are small and light people, whose hips are wider than their shoulders - "Pear"

B-types are large and heavy people, where shoulders and hips are similarly wide and heavy - "Athlete"

C-types are small and light, where shoulders and hips are similarly wide and heavy - "Feather"

D-types are large and heavy people with a lot of weight on hips and shoulders - "Hulk"

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