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Let your body relax.

The three phases of adjustment

Experience your new mattress

The phases of adjustment

1st phase - The first week

In the first week your body gets used to THE MATTRESS. In every following night your tensions will be released. Already after one week your back pain will be a thing of the past.

2nd phase - weeks 2 to 4

During the following three weeks your body and mind relax a little more every day and you wake up more and more relaxed. We are convinced that after 30 days at the latest you will know that you do not want to give THE MATTRESS back. If you are still not convinced at this point, you can of course contact our support team at any time to get advice from our sleep experts.

3rd phase - weeks 4-10

From the 30th day on, the sustainable recovery phase sets in and after another 70 days you wake up as relaxed and recovered as you can only be in WELTBETT.

Day 110 - night of decision

If you are still not sure if THE MATTRESS is the right one for you, we ask you to let us know the morning after the 111th night. Then we will pick up THE MATTRESS within Germany again free of charge.

- Return without giving reasons
- Contact-free collection from the front door
- Immediate refund of the purchase price