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Composed perfectly, all around

The perfect cover


The special cover

With the right mix of a high-end, high-quality box spring look and washable, quick-drying avantgarde technology with two zippers for practical handling, we have developed the perfect cover for THE MATTRESS.

The breathability

The cover has an open-pored, highly breathable surface of "3D mesh" or "spacer fabric" on the upper side, through which the air circulation of the mattress functions optimally.

The handling

On the sides of the mattress there are wide, firmly sewn comfort handles, which withstand during transport and turning.

No chemicals harmful to health

The cover of WELTBETT is clean and in no way harmful to your health.

Our cover is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Appendix 4. Unlike other manufacturers, we at WELTBETT® make sure that the Oeko-Tex® certification explicitly applies to the cover and all its components.

This means that immediately after purchase, the product does not contain any harmful substances that are harmful to human ecology. You can immediately lie down on our products and go to sleep and relax.

Hygiene and care

Lightweight & long lasting

Two zippers allow easy care

By using two zippers you can separate the top and bottom from the rest of the cover. This gives you optimal washability and is especially handy if you have a small washing machine.

The drying behavior

The modern 3D mesh enables extremely fast drying after washing. So you can sleep in your WELTBETT® again on the same day.

Easy to recycle.

Our cover is designed so that it can be easily disassembled into its components.

It is important to us that a product can be precisely disassembled into its components, such that they can be disposed of or recycled easily. Because we recycle THE MATTRESS though our own supply chain, we have thus closed the circle from birth to the reuse of the mattress completely.

With two zippers the cover can be easily divided into its components. Of course, this also has great advantages for the care.

More about the construction
Highest standards

How we test our cover

Test of the room air pollution

Here we check whether the air in the room is polluted by substances released by the product, and whether these substances are possibly even harmful to health. The MATTRESS does not pollute the room air. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 according to Appendix 4 for cover and mattress core document this.

The odour test

We have a panel of independent examiners evaluate in three steps (immediately after unpacking, after 24 and after 48 hours) how the smell of the product develops. THE MATTRESS is practically odourless. A possible noticeable smell does not come from the mattress or the cover itself, but from the packaging. It has no effect on the environment or health, disappears within a few days and is then no longer perceptible. Simply ventilate the bedroom well in the first few days.

The test for harmful substances

All components of the WELTBETT® mattress are evaluated for their environmental compatibility. Particularly noteworthy here is the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 according to Appendix 4, and as a medium-term goal the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 according to Appendix 6 of the "wet spot ordinance", corresponding to the DETOX campaign of Greenpeace, in which all material components are tested for extremely demanding limits that far exceed legal norms and standards. The cover of the WELTBETT® mattress already complies with the already outstanding Appendix 4.